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Construct the swimming pond your self: 13 fairytale design concepts

Having a swimming pond in the garden for the summer is a real treasure. If you have enough free space in the garden, you can treat yourself to an Elysian garden pond. Imagine – in the summer heat you swim in the pleasant clean water, surrounded by beautiful plants. You are welcome to build a swimming pond yourself, but first of all you have to think carefully about the whole planning. Swimming ponds actually function as large natural lakes without chlorine, so even the smallest details should be thoroughly worked out. In addition, these are easy to maintain compared to a swimming pool. If you are excited about it, you can learn more about how you can build a swimming pond yourself. Have fun!

Building a swimming pond yourself requires long-term planning Floating pond itself build interesting

Swimming pond itself build exciting

Of course, swimming pond build yourself

Building a swimming pond yourself requires long-term planning – how much free space do you have available or how would you plant the regeneration zone? Once all the details have been set, the swimming pond can be docked in a few days. We will show you in a step by step guide how a beautiful swimming pond should be built.

When can you start construction? Swimming pond itself build alive

It is recommended to start construction in March because in the spring the aquatic plants have enough time to grow and grow. The latest time to create a swimming pond in the garden is September. If you start building at a later time, it could happen that the growth of the plants in the winter is interrupted early.

Swimming pond – construction guide swim pond build yourself instruction

Floating pond build yourself DIY

swim pond build yourself creative

Swimming pond itself build fast

Floating pond itself build easy You can build a swimming pond made of different materials. One of the most important steps is the use of pond liner. It is especially important that the s.g. Pool principle to note. This means that a foil is applied to the vertical concrete wall later. Especially advantageous are the quick cleaning options. It depends on the local conditions, whether there is a danger of burglary or not. Sometimes such a danger can threaten construction in poor soil conditions. In addition, you need a brick wall made of concrete blocks, on which you have to stretch a foil again. For a timber construction you can use well durable larch beams. These are pretty cheap.

Necessary materials and information Floating pond build yourself DIY

You can not build a swimming pond by yourself, without getting rental equipment. You should e.g. have a mini digger available to dig out the hollow of the swimming pond. In addition, the depth of the swimming pond should be taken into account. The water should be at least 2m deep. You can make the ground with gravel or concrete paving. These materials quite facilitate the annual cleaning. When the swimming pond is ready, the basin should be filled with well water or rainwater.

Dreamlike swimming pond design ideas swim pond build yourself dreamlike

swim pond build fairy tale yourself

Floating pond to build yourself failed

swim pond build yourself cozy

Swimming pond itself build pleasant

Swimming pond itself build attractive

swim pond build yourself elysian

Swimming pond itself build reassuring

Swimming pond itself build alive


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